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in loving memory of
Oliver Yu-An Nam
Feb 1 - May 20 2014



bonjour! this is where I document my life with my family, things we like to do, places we like to go and random things that inspire and make me happy.

for Oliver's story click here.


sunrise in Seoul

the boys and I spent a couple of weeks in Seoul last fall. we knew it would be a while before we are able to travel together again (the three of us I mean), so we made the most of it. like waking up early to watch the sun rise above the city. and we had the best of times.

Star Wars: Episode VII Cast Announced


12 weeks

Friday's dose of cute. soaking it all up.

Rum För Kidsen via Fine Little Day


petit bateau

I'm not a big shopper, but few brands make me stop and squeal like Petit Bateau does. I cannot wait to dress Oliver in these cute pieces this summer.


checked off

oh it had been a while. just the three of us. so when I had the opportunity to spend a few hours alone with my (big) boys yesterday, we decided to do something that had been on our bucket list for a very long time: visit the department of Egypt Antiquities at the musée du Louvre.

needless to say the collection was impressive and we had a most fun, delightful time.

note to self: do this more often.


this is what my husband is busy doing while I'm trying to handle sleep-deprivation and understand preteens development stages

I never get jealous when my husband has to travel for work. anxious, yes. but not jealous. but last month he traveled to Ilulissat, Greenland and sent me this photo.


you can watch the film here.

more commercial films he's produced recently:

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Hyundai Sonata

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Winter Olympics


birthday gift

I know. this is not Polaroid. not real Polaroid I mean. but after years of money spent on unpredictable films, years of trying to figure out how it all works, years of frustration wondering how in the world people get such fantastic results, and I don't, I needed a break. a nice-looking, reliable, easy-to-carry break. it doesn't mean that I won't go back to my old sx-70 camera. I most probably will. but in the meantime, this is how I'll document our daily life. this is the instant magic I'll have.

on my parents' island



last summer I had the opportunity to work with several pop-up book artists, including author and illustrator David A. Carter, on a project for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 + Gear. I was suffering from severe morning sickness then so I wasn't able to travel and follow through but as a pop-up art fan it was exciting to watch an idea come to life. David most kindly signed and sent me one of his books, One Red Dot. and in case you're wondering, yes, 8 months pregnant women can jump.

you can see David's amazing book for the project here and interview here.



we'd been a party of four for so long it was hard to imagine what our daily life was going to be like with a little one added to the mix. I spent a lot of time wondering how our family's dynamic was going to change and evolve into. and quite frankly, it's been far more challenging than expected. for all of us. but yesterday I came back home after a session with my chiropractor and found Will rocking Oliver's stroller back and forth to help him fall asleep. and I know it's not much. but those small moments, those tiny glimpses into the special bond they'll hopefully share one day. they make everything else in life so meaningful. so worthwhile.

brother's day



Oliver Noah Yu-An Nam

the last one



Sean and Will are going to have a little brother in February!

it's been a wild, insightful and challenging journey so far, filled with anticipation and yes, occasional panic attacks. and except for the 12 long weeks of really bad morning sickness (and my father's funeral in September), we are all so thankful for this new addition to our family, throwing around name ideas and trying to guess who the baby is going to look like the most (my bet is on Sean).

if I was expecting a little girl I would name her after her