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in loving memory of
Oliver Yu-An Nam
Feb 1 - May 20 2014



bonjour! this is where I document my life with my family, things we like to do, places we like to go and random things that inspire and make me happy.

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I'm the one who waits now

a photo op in front of the big wheel at Place de la Concorde while walking through the Christmas market on the Champs-Elysées this past weekend.

Top 50 Cities to See in Your Lifetime


Garry Winogrand

"although his work has often been called documentary, it is actually a complex visual poetry. a successful picture, Winogrand said, was a "new fact," separate from the facts of which it was composed. it made its own potent gesture in human affairs."

Garry Winogrand at Jeu de Paume


Paris on t'aime

"what do you want to do today?" I asked them.

30 minutes later Will and I were looking at gargoyles at Notre-Dame de Paris while Sean was climbing up the Eiffel Tower with his Dad.

spoiled little brats.


Studio Ghibli exhibit

walking through 1,300 original drawings from Studio Ghibli which gave us My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away, two of our family all-time favorites.


Studio Ghibli Layout Designs: Understanding the secrets of Takahata and Miyazaki animation


bring it on Monday

Japanese Sencha tea from DavidsTea and Kawaii stores in Paris book.


Au Panthéon!

the city has commissioned contemporary artist JR (a long time favorite of mine) to create a participatory work inspired by his Inside Out project during the restoration of the Pantheon. thousands of faces that have been collected last spring through a photobooth truck cover the dome, the cupola and the floor of the monument. of course I couldn't think of a better way to spend our Sunday afternoon.

more info and photos about the installation here.

photo by jr-art.


Hong Kong

being far away helps a lot. and I'm so grateful. but eventually, it hits me again when I least expect it. it's been 5 months today. and I still cannot grasp the reality of life without him.

photo taken in Man Mo Temple.


Les arènes de Nîmes

visiting the Arènes de Nîmes in preparation of an upcoming event for non-profit Secours Populaire Français later this month. thinking Oliver would have been 8 months old today. and loving that he's sending me at the south end of France so that I don't spend the day curled up in bed.

thank you baby monkey. I love you.



a delightful Sunday afternnon at La Fête à Neu-Neu, an annual fair that takes place in Paris near the Bois de Boulogne, where we rode bumper cars, threw hoops, ate a dozen churros and splashed down on the Log Flume.

Chalk Art



watching the sun rise above the clouds, getting henna tattooed together, learning how to surf and snorkeling with green sea turtles. they say that sometimes you don't know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

we sure did.