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in loving memory of
Oliver Yu-An Nam
Feb 1 - May 20 2014


17 things I love about Sean 

A few hours after Will got his wisdom teeth pulled out, the anesthesia started to wear off and he was soon rolling on the floor in excruciating pain. Sean felt so powerless that he went out and bought him a comic book.

He loves neutral colors as much as I do.

He taught himself how to edit films and compose music.

We have similar tastes in movies and TV shows so I love giving him recommendations. He usually comes to my bedroom afterwards with a big smile on his face and says “Mom, that was SO good!”

He always asks me if I want a soy chai latte from Starbucks on his way back home.

He’s a loyal friend.

He wrote a few short films and even started working on some, casting his friends and borrowing equipment.

Sean would drop everything, wrap the nursing pillow around his waist and wait patiently to feed his baby brother. At bath time he gathered all the necessary supplies, laid out a clean towel and filled the tub with warm water. Pushing the stroller was his proudest moments. He was and still is the best big brother I could ever have hoped for Oliver.

He has an open mind and has developed good, eclectic tastes in music. Lately, he’s been into Italian rap.

He loves volunteering.

He has a great eye for photography. He’s able to spot a potential photographic moment before the picture is lost, and instinctively frames his shots with interesting compositions.

Sunsets and sunrises move him deeply.

Words too.

He takes time to print out his favorite photos from his phone.

5 years ago, he was hit by a motorcycle on his way to school. He had a broken collarbone, broken ankle, several broken facial bones, multiple internal injuries and had to stay in a wheelchair for 6 weeks. Yet he never once whined or complained, never. Even after 5 weeks of daily injections on his hip.

He (still) loves traveling with me.

I see a lot of my own struggles in Sean, and I’ve learned the most from him. He definitely makes me a better mother and a better person every day.

Happy 17 my boy. 

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